A day in the life of Montreal's dog trainer

On any given day I could be dog training all over the island of Montreal:

In Home Dog Training all over Montreal... Obedience training in Westmount, helping solve behavioural problems with a client's dog in NDG, on and off leash with a client in the Plateau Mont-Royal, doing a protection dog class in the south shore and then back in the West Island in either DDO, Beaconsfield, Kirkland, Pointe Claire etc... for more dog training.

I am also at the kennel training dogs for the owners who opted to have their dogs stay in for a
board and train program - getting ready for their big day - when dog and person will be reunited and I get a chance to show off just how wonderful their dog is - even though the owner previously thought the dog was "stubborn" or untrainable.
It is never boring and never the same. Lots of driving - but the radio and some coffee helps.

Every day - each dog and each owner requires something just a little different and a little unique in our dog training - this helps keep things interesting for me. This is a huge part of why I love training dogs one on one with their owners and training

Over the years - I have had clients who came to me for puppy training, come back for obedience and even advanced obedience and trick training - call me when their dog is at a later stage in life and needing some guidance on how to best deal with their dog's needs. And sadly as time passes I get the call or the email to let me know that their dog passed away. Or in some cases even accompanying an elderly client to the vet when they have no one else to call on and the time has come to let go of their best friend - and maybe sole companion. It's an emotional part of the job - the highs are high and the lows can be hard at times - and with each passing one - you grieve with the owners - especially those that for whatever reason were closer to you. Some just stand out.

It's always nice to see those owners and their families again when it is time to begin with their new puppy! New beginnings are full of promise and a chance to help raise and train a new one all over is always great . To the best of my memory I have seen some clients for as many as 5-6 puppies over the years - following some of them through life changes of their own(as well as those of my own) over the course of training their dogs and getting to know the owners.. Moving homes, some moving away from Montreal and yet still coming back to train their dogs with me from all across Canada and the US - which is the highest form of flattery. Some getting divorced or widowed, the kids grown up - and in quite a few cases - the young kids now out in the world on their own - have a dog of their own and I help train that dog too!

Living off the island of Montreal in St Lazare, Qc I have the good fortune of being relatively close to the city yet living amongst all the good things country living brings us. Large, open spaces, peace and quiet & I have neighbours with horses, cows and pigs, goats and chickens. Occasionally you have to move your car over to pass someone riding a horse on the street or riding the tractor from one farm to another.I train on some of those farms - teaching the dogs that the other animals are not toys or food -:) Reminding them that there are limits to things...

I get to see the odd dear or fox, cycle past a wild turkey now and then. And of course train dogs all over the St Lazare, Hudson, Rigaud and Vaudreuil area and the Montérégie area in general.

After more than two decades of training dogs - I still wake up each day looking forward to getting to see my clients and their dogs - helping them bring out the best in their dog's behaviour - making the owner smile with pride - saying "that's MY dog!". And I smile - get in my car and head out to the next appointment ... I wouldn't trade places with anyone.

A typical morning drive through St Lazare on my way to the highway to go and see dogs and their owners for training.

Dog Training In Montreal, Qc. Working with German Shepherd Ikie and owner Barabara on their heel command in NDG (notre Dame de Grace).

Dog Training in Montreal's South Shore/Rive-sud in Richelieu, Qc.
Stephanie wanted to be able to enjoy Chase and needed lots of help - but he is such a great dog now! He was very dog aggressive - could not be walked on leash near other dogs - now Stephanie has complete control ON and OFF leash!
Look for a full length video featuring Chase's story soon on the Video Page!