2 Weeks to an exceptionally well trained dog AND a well informed owner!

Bernese Mountain Dog
Meet Alycia and Baylor - Baylor is a 1 1/2 yr old Bernese Mountain dog.
You can read about him and see is video here:
Baylor’s video page

So if there is already a page documenting his training why have another?

Dogs trained to respond equally well to their owners as to their trainer!

Alycia contacted Nick 5 days after our transfer lesson to brag about how wonderfully she and Baylor are doing together and it would be great to share this for anyone who questions wether or not their dog could respond well to them once it is trained for them by Nick.
Now mind you - Baylor was kicked out of his dog walking group by the dog walker becasue he was too unruly and unmanageable. We ran into the same group of dogs and the dog walker @ Baylor’s 3rd lesson and the changes in Baylor were already apparent - he was easy tohandle in a situation that was previously troublesome.

Alycia was kind enough to put up a review on Family K9’s Google plus page:
Here is a link to what Alycia had to say about her experience with Family K9 Dog Training and her ability to continue where Nick Zevgolis left off with Baylor

And here is some video footage from Baylor’s first time ever working with Alycia -in these clips he is heeling and stays very focused despite others walking past him and does a lovely sit/stay even with a surprise from a passerby. This was done off leash on a busy downtown Montreal street.

So in summary - depending on who is doing the training and educating of both the dog and owner - the training and transfer process can and DOES work very seamlessly and the owner can have the same results as the trainer did!