Helping a dog overcome fear

Helping a dog overcome fear

Many dog owners experience the stress and frustration of living with a dog who shows signs of nervousness and fear in normal everyday situations. This makes daily life challenging for both owner and dog - often making a big deal out of simple, every day events and activities. Understanding what your dog’s triggers are and how to deal with them can make things much easier for both ends of the leash.

What are signs of stress and/or fear in your dog?

Signs can range from subtle such as yawning, or avoiding direct eye contact or even sniffing the ground in some cases of avoidance to more extreme reactions such as bolting, snapping and in some cases biting.

Why does my dog afraid?

Some dogs are born with “thin” nerve - meaning that despite being raised in ideal settings with proper training and TLC - they show nervousness or fearful reactions that should not be present. Some dogs have had some bad experiences that they have not fully recovered from - hence it is a learned behaviour . Most dogs who display these behaviours are a combination of both to varying degrees.

What to do when your dog is scared & stressed?

Train your dog to follow your lead no matter what. When done properly - your dog will understand that whatever he is fearing is nothing more than background noise - his confidence will increase as well as his trust in you as a leader who inspires confidence.

This video clip shows a Dachshund, Lester who is fearful of people - including his owner Jason learning to overcome his fears through gradual conditioning and obedience training. Listen to what his owner says later in the clip - it is dry telling of the changes Lester went through as a result of his training.