Dogs in Training

Have a peek at a couple of the dogs in training @ the kennel this week

… Chipie & Toby

Here is a quick clip of two of the dogs who are in for training.
Chipie - an American Eskimo Dog and Toby a German Shepherd Dog.

2 very different dogs brought in for different reasons.
Toby needs obedience training - and also carries a fair bit of dog aggression - his owner is a very responsible man who wants a well behaved dog and one that will be a joy to walk and will not pose a threat to those around him.
Chipie is a funny little guy who is high wired and always “on” - his owners want him well trained to lower his stress levels and to help him adapt to his new home since they moved and to have control over him with a baby on the way.
Chipie has been here for 5 days and Toby for 4 @ the time of this video - lots of progress in a short amount of time!
Check back for updates on these two and clips of some of the other dogs who are in for training as well!

Chipie the american Eskimo Dog learning to sit & focus after a recall.