Montreal's Best Dog Groomers

The Best Dog Groomers in Montreal

Many of my clients' dogs require grooming services & ask for a referral to one. Over the years I have come into contact with many groomers in and around Montreal directly through their work on my clients dogs and also in training the groomer's dogs and these are the ones I refer to on a consistent basis.

The groomers listed below are the ones I recommend regularly to clients - their level of skill, love for dogs and attention to detail are second to none.
NIck’s dogs Clara Hughes a.k.a. Cow and Hyper “We don’t need no stinkin groomer…”
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Le Pet Spa
Carla and the staff @ Le Pet Spa are fantastic. Great daycare as well as boarding in addition to their grooming.

6791 Rue St.Jacques
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 482-3718

Melanie Peixoto - Montreal Groomer

Melanie is a little off the beaten path - she can do all the regular grooming classic cuts but is also very creative using colours to add a completely new look for those who are adventurous.

A Petites Pattes
Pat and her staff are wonderful as well. Always go the extra mile to please their clients and take really care fo the dogs.

6169 Monkland Ave
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 483-4141