Rehabilitating rescue dogs in Montreal

It starts like this …

Everything is under control until the dog who used to
only bark and carry on like a silly fool decides to bite. Then it is decision time.

It is a common story - but one with a great ending because his owner took the necessary steps to make sure that everyone is safe and sound.

Owners of dogs who bite are faced with a very tough decision about what to do with their dog.

Keep him?Give him up?Put him to sleep out of fear that he hurts someone?

How does someone safely and peacefully co-exist with the world around them when they can’t trust the dog’s reaction to friendly people who come in and out of our lives on a daily basis.

Jack’s owners are gentle natured, responsible dog owners who got caught up in a whirlwind with Jack and before they knew it he bit someone and then it was crunch time.

Having trained their last two dogs with them over a decade ago - they reached out for help - and opted to do an in home training program which is similar to the in kennel option in that Nick goes to their home every day to work with Jack and teaches the owners along the way how to properly handle their dog - so that both ends of the leash are on the same page and set up for success.

I love working with enthusiastic owners like Jack’s. Today when I showed up his owner told me a funny story of how the family was sitting around talking the other day and someone used the word place.

No one was speaking to jack - no training was going on - yet Jack heard one of his words and he went to place all on his own! Pretty neat! This is one week into our program…

Jack wanted to bite me the day I arrived to begin his training. Tina had him on leash (at my request) at the door and after a couple of seconds I took his leash and brought him outside and you could see he was scared and all his aggression was rooted in fear. Typical.

Training has not only given Jack’s owner a means of controlling him in a very short time - but it has also given Jack something to focus on and a job to do. This is key if you want to help your dog lead a happy, balanced life - especially if you have a dog who has aggression issues.

In this video it is Jack’s first working with Ben after 2 days of training and then Tina after another day. All told Jack has had a week of intensive training and has been transformed in that short time - and we still have more to go!

Here is Jack and his owner going for a walk in Centennial Park - 1 & 1/2 weeks in and everything is smooth!
Take note at 1:45 - a little dog LUNGES at Jack - you can hear him snarl and hear his leash go at a furious rate. Watch how jack and his owner just coast by with ease.

Here is a video of Jack in training with his owner Tina and Nick Zevgolis of Family K9 Dog Training.
This video moves at a very leisurely pace - at one point we are drinking coffee and chatting -but the backstory is that Jack is a defensive dog - he got some quirks around some dogs and some people. He has bitten someone in the past and that's when Tina knew something had to be done and quickly.
We are on Day 8 of Jack's training and the bulk of the work is already done - now we are just cruising - practicing and polishing things together and having some laughs and a cup of Tim Horton's while we're at it...
Jack has come a heck of a long way and Tina's ability to handle him, her confidence in her dog and her ability to lead and direct him as well as her comfort level with Jack has shot through the roof...