If I send my dog to Nick - will he listen to me too?

Ziggy Family K9 Bulldog

Chipie and American Eskimo Dog, Toby a German Shepherd and Ziggy the English Bulldog.

Three very different dogs and three different training courses - all showing how well they work with their owners for the first time.
People are under the misconception that sending the dog away for training will result in an imbalance where the dog is well trained but only works for the trainer.
This is true in many cases - but not in the way that Family K9 does things - this video will demonstrate three dogs who were trained only by Nick Zevgolis and then the owners were taught how to handle their dogs so that they too could have excellent control over their dog. The dogs in this video are working with their owners for the very first time - and ignoring Nick who trained them while he stands right there talking to the owners while everyone works together!Chipie Montreal South Shore dog training

Good trainers teach owners and train dogs at the same time - regardless of the course being in home or in kennel

Family K9 specializes in high level dog training for those who want to have great control over their dogs and enjoy all life with a dog has to offer to the fullest! Whether the dogs are trained one on one @ home or in kennel - the owners all receive proper instruction on how to handle and train their dogs so that they can carry on where Nick left off.

Teaching owners and training dogs

Toby and Chipie were trained in kennel by Nick and Ziggy stayed home and did an in home intensive training course.

Toby pulled on leash like crazy, could not be trusted off leash and was dog aggressive. Lots to do in three weeks. Here is a brief clip of him off leash in the park in NDG coming when called off leash - lots of kids and dogs moving around on a nice spring afternoon but Toby’s attention did not waver.

Chipie was a nervous, jumpy little guy who could not focus on what his owners asked him to do. Look at how well he works now - after being home for maybe 10 minutes - his owners have him working around the baby - listening to their every word and heeling off leash on a busy boulevard with fast moving cars!

Ziggy was not obedience trained and had some serious aggression issues. Namely if he had something he wanted and his owners got near him -he would try to bite. Now even with his ball - his most prized possession he is fully controllable and is owners have been taught how to safely and smartly handle their dog.

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