Paddy and Parker - Kingston, Ontario

“Hi Nick, I hope that you can use this as a letter of comes from the heart.

March 7, 2011

Hi Nick,
Just a note to say all is going very well with Parker. I am very grateful that a friend referred me to you...had she not I am sure I would have had to re-home Parker.
My wish is to pass this message on to other people who might be having difficulties with their new or old dogs. .. so here is Parker to tell them all about you and what you have done for him. I just
think it will sound better coming from him--Paddy

Things weren't going very well for me or my new family. I desperately wanted to belong here and be happy... but I didn't know how. I know my new family were very disappointed and stressed because I heard them talking
about possibly having to make other arrangements for me. My Vet told them that I had missed the very important socialization period and that it would take a lot of hard work and patience to help me. Lucky for me they found out from one of their friends about you Nick and Family K9... I think I was at your kennel within a week.

I liked your place right away and you made me feel family too. I still don't know for sure how you did it but I'm not afraid on walks.... the noises in the backyard don't make me bark and if something scares me one of my family can put me at ease with the command (Leave it). I still start to bark when someone comes to the door but I am quickly in my place and quiet until I am invited to come and say hello... which I like to do because I am really starting to like people . I am still not thrilled to be left alone in my kennel... but I am quiet and I make no mess while my people are gone. One of the people in my family is small and he likes to play ball with me... I can't believe that I barked and growled at him just a month or so ago...I just love him now. This might sound a bit like I am bragging but people comment about how attentive and well mannered on am on the leash.. Oh!! last thing when I hear " Parker come" like a flash I am there...I get lots of points for that. I know my family thinks I have become a pretty good dog and if they keep doing what you told them to do I will keep getting better!!.

It was a win win for me... I learned a lot and I had so much fun with you and all my buddies that came to your place.
I am eternally grateful to you Nick ...I only wish I lived nearby so that I could come and stay with you when my family goes away without me.”

Paddy Crossman - Kingston, Ont.Parker