Leslie and Jackson - Boston, Massachusetts.

“Hi Nick,

Just a brief update on Jackson. First, he’s losing teeth left, right and centre and I’ve managed to grab a few for a keepsake.

But more importantly.....yesterday morning I took him for a walk through my neighbourhood. We stopped at a quaint little park and no one was around. Perfect, I thought to practice our “sit/stay” . We did this a few times and during his long sit....a guy came by with his little bull terrier and wanted to know if Jackson was “friendly”. I released him and let him and let him play with Bella. At the end of our little play time, I said “Jackson, come!” and he bounced eagerly back to my side. I might add – no collar and one request to come. Bella on the other hand, ignored her owner to “come” and took her sweet time, sniffing things, walking off to check out other things in the area. Jackson and I were already leashed and on our way and Bella was still taking her time and not listening to her owner. By the way, Bella is 4 years old.

I left the park with a little, but very satisfying smile on my face. :-)

Also I have to tell you he’s is so well behaved while I prepare his food. Used to be - he would put his paws on the counter, whine and be a pain in the butt. Now he is either on his place, or is in a sit/stay with no break from his command.

So far....I’ve retained what I’ve learned. ahahhaha :-)”

Leslie Stone