Leslie and Peter - Boston, Massachusetts - back with Lucy and Ryder!

“It was an 11-hour round-trip drive from where we live in Boston, Massachusetts which I, initially, thought was a bit extreme on our part. Yet I discovered that we, by no means, would win any awards for traveling so far to use Nick as others have, apparently, flown in from all over the United States and the world. The thing that shines through more than anything is Nick Zevgolis’s over-riding love for dogs.

Nick is also just a pleasure to work with. We were in the area for several days when our dogs’ training came to an end and he insisted we work with him and the dogs together even though they had already been trained. He was available to us almost around the clock and, even though it was a weekend, made it clear that he would stay with us from the crack of dawn until very late at night helping us work with our dogs if we wanted to. None of this was an extra charge. It wasn’t just a financial generosity, but, more importantly, a generosity of spirit. I have the definite impression that, when it comes to Nick, the money part of things is almost a secondary afterthought. I truly worry about this guy who seems like, if he could afford to, he would give away all his time to making happier the lives of his beloved dogs. But all this nice guy, dog-loving aspect that I write about wouldn’t count if what he does did not work. Nick Zevgolis is the singular most effective results-oriented dog trainer bar none.”

Peter Elikann , Leslie stone and jackson, Lucy & Ryder