Want the best trained dog in your neighbourhood?

(and keep him at home during the process?)

Let Nick train your dog for you.
Dont' worry. You'll get "trained" too!

Imagine in two weeks that you can have complete ON & OFF LEASH control of you dog! Behavioural problems can also be corrected during in the in home intensive training. Come home to your new dog - well not new - but the same dog you love with improved behaviour.

The in home Board and Train option is very popular and for good reason:
People want the results of a professionally trained dog and some don’t want to have to part with their dog - and prefer to keep their dog @ home.
This option combines the advanced results of intensive training without the worry of sending your pet away for training.

Family K9 specializes in training the dogs to a high level of obedience in just 3 weeks - and also teaches the owner how to maintain the training so that you can carry on where Nick left off. Once your dog's course is complete - you will receive the necessary instruction and practice with nick to make sure you can take over. Add Family K9's guarantee and you're all set!

Nick will come to your home and trying your dog for you and then teach you how to maintain the training your dog has learned once the course is complete.
2 weeks from start to stop - your dog will shine and you’ll learn all you need to know.
The course comes with a transfer lesson as well as a follow up lesson and unlimited lifetime support via email and phone for all your questions.
The course also comes with Family K9’s famous guarantee.

Family K9's success is based on teaching both owner and dog everything that is needed in order for you to continue with your dog where Nick left off - it is a recipe for success!

Want an accelerated training program for your dog - but don't want him or her to leave your home? This one is for you!

Nick do not laugh but it seems like he matured a year in 3 weeks, he is calm and less of a puppy more like a mature dog, is it normal..... We are so happy about what you achieve with him. Connie will send you an email as well and will send it this weekend, she said that she must not be the only one with bad pre concived ideas about the collar, and if it can save a human and dog relationship, it will be worth the mail. Anytime if you need referal, do not hesitate,(even if i dont think you need it).
Gilles Connie and Nyka

Dog Training Videos

A small sample of videos showing off Family K9 Dog Training's Board & Train program.
For more videos of Board & Train graduates - Make sure to visit the Family K9 Video Page!

YouTube Video
YouTube Video
YouTube Video
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The above testimonial is from Family K9’s Google+ page. Alycia - the owner of Baylor - the dog in the image on the top of this page is also featured on Family K9’s Video page showing off their skills!
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