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Sometimes being able to consult a professional about a specific need or problem can help save you lots of time, expense and trouble.
Family K9 offers a consultation service to help you with your dog training and dog behaviour needs.
Hey Nick,
Walter is doing just great
I brought him to work with me and we practiced his "place" command a lot! he managed to stay on his pillow for the whole day… with very little corrections
We had people over at night and he was a lot calmer around everyone and listened very well to his commands
I took him out for a nice walk to the big baseball diamond next to my house and I let him off leash and he listens very well to his recall believe it or not… we play tug and all is good, he is just a very happy dog.
Thanks for helping us with him!

Frank Ciavaglia and Walter

Phone Consultations

If you are experiencing issues with your dog and need help but time. distance and cost are factors - a phone consultation can prove to be very useful. Contacting Family K9 to arrange a phone consultation for your dog is the first step to getting on track!
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