Crystael & Walter

Hi Nick,

Just an email to let you know how thankful I am that I chose you as my dog trainer. I know I started off by being fearful that 6 sessions wouldnt be enough for a stubborn 4 month old bulldog but you definantly changed my perspective on that. To start off with a puppy who wouldnt listen to the word no or bad boy, who chased the cat consistently and constantly and who wouldnt go for walks let alone leave the property even when I would try to pull him on the leash to get going...I now have a great 5 month old puppy who goes for walks and heels consistently without a leash. He heels so well that I never feel the need to use a leash but do so when we are going around public just to abide by the rules.

Just today we brought him to visit my grandmother by car ride and forgot the leash but I didnt even worry about it. We just walked him off leash around and he did perfect following his leave it commands when he would see garbage. To say the least all the neighbours where shocked when they saw him walking around the blocks (no more dragging him!!) and he now leaves the cat alone so they may both enjoy their home together. I am working on his place+sit exercises and with consistency he will soon be perfect, he only tests his place boundaries when I leave the room or when hes been there for awhile when I am cleaning...but hey hes not even 6 months old yet and we are only just finally getting settle in the new home so we now have more time to work on it with him. We can't thank you enough! You always answered any question I had in emails between sessions and I know if any more arise in the future I can always just send out a quick email. I will send you an updated photo of Walter when he grows to his full size and I dont doubt that you will be seeing him again in the future for boarding whenever we go on vacation. I hope all is well with you and again thank you very much.

Take care,
Crystal, David and Walter (the cutest bulldog)