Montreal Dog Training reviews and ratings

Montreal Dog Training reviews and ratings

Obedience training, Puppy training, Behavioural Problems

Off leash training, In Home Training and in kennel training

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Mali the Pomeranian - Verdun Dog Training Review from Facebook

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Here is a link to Mali’s video page!

pomeranian in training

Razor the Doberman

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Doberman fetch tennis ball  Lasalle

Finn the LabraDoodle - Macot @ Clinique Medicelle

Montreal Dog Training reviews
Finn spends his days as the mascot at a medical clinic - Clinique Medicelle. He has many fans!
Labradoodle puppy Montreal15826846_10158084105945445_7213589897096266276_n

Angel the Shiloh Shepherd

In Home Dog Training - West Island - Montreal

West Island Montreal Dog Training

Montreal Dog Laws

Verdun Dog Training

In Kennel Training - Canine Boot Camp - Verdun, Qc

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Pointe Claire - Montreal West island - FaceBook Dog Training Reviews

Pointe Claire Labrador Retriver Puppy

Google plus review from Oren

Montreal Dog Trainer reviews from Google plus

oren Bornstein

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Google plus review from Rachelle & Sam

Rachelle Lamonde

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Facebook review from Rose & Clohe


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Rose Sacks

Facebook review from Stephanie & Chase

Montreal Dog Trainer Reviews from Facebook

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Here is a link to Stephanie and Chase’s mini video

Stephanie Vezina

Google plus review from Tina & Jack and Martha

Tina Shulman

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Here is a link to Jack & Tina’s video working together to help solve his behavioural issues

Here is a link to an interview with Tina discussing Jack’s issues and training.

Facebook review from Vicky & Porsche and Vulcan

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Here is a link to Porscha’s video page

Vicky Arghiriu

Elly & Ginny

From: ***Elanor
Subject: Re: this morning
Date: May 11, 2009 10:02:11 AM EDT (CA)

Nick, We had a great walk this morning. After about 20min. of running (and coming back to me on her own) I leashed Ginny and walked to the end of the field. There I let her go and gave her the command 'stay with me', then 'heel'. She heeled perfectly and sat when I stopped, and all this without a prompt. I also let her go again when we left the barn and headed for the car. Again she was very obedient. I don't want to push this, but the constant 'obedience' commands in my relationship with her are making her very much more responsive. And she's happy! Elly

From: ***Elanor
Subject: further Ginny
Date: May 19, 2009 8:10:09 AM EDT (CA)

Hi, Nick, Ginny has been staying right with me since I had to use the collar on the weekend. She doesn't go more than 15ft. from me, sniffing and tailwagging. I expect her to venture a little farther away, but hope she doesn't go back to tearing off and disappearing for 15 min. or more. She does always come back, though. Elly

From: ***Elanor
Subject: thank you from Ginny
Date: May 20, 2009 6:48:11 PM EDT (CA)
OK, Nick. So I have a dog that is more balanced, less frantic, eager to join in, loves her food (no fuss), less nervous i.e. more confident. Would you believe the change. She's a joy to walk. Her tail is up and wagging constantly. She trots around me happily. She thanks you, and I thank you. Will stay in touch. Cheers, Elly

Robert and Shelley & Bailey

You showed us life from his perspective. You helped us to see that he is a great friend and perfect pet. We learned that he is just a baby and while our expectations were not wrong, we had to teach him to walk before he could run. Today he is an integral part of our family, a source of endless smiles, hugs and bragging rights. We want to thank you for your advice, patience and guidance.

Archer with Nitro & Ida

Hi Nick,

Just a short message to let you know how much I enjoyed Nitro and Ida after you worked with them. I just saw their video in your archives.

I had to put Nitro down last night. It was incredibly difficult as he was so friendly and had a tail wag for me and strangers always. His courage and spirit and most of all kindness to all will be with me always. I couldn’t even watch your video with Larko because it was just too much of a reminder. I thought that you should know because you did such a fine job with both of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Take care with your business and future clients. Who knows , maybe you will get a call from me needing assistance with a dutchie. A fabulous and unsurpassed breed of dog.

Archer Lewis and Ida. God rest in heaven Nitro.

Illona & Rhea

Hi Nick,

It's funny - I've been meaning to write for a couple of days now.

Rhea's doing very well.
She's calm around the kids which is excellent because I don't have to worry about their interaction.
It seems that she's also quit stealing shoes or biting them. This is a very pleasant surprise!

She's responsive, she pays attention. I feel that we have a new type of connection now. It has to do with her being obedient.

I've taken her to the old port, downtown, to my office, to friends' house, fruit picking even. She's been great.
In terms of commands:
- she is very comfortable heeling. She does it very well, even when we all go for a walk and the kids rollerblade or bike (this is normally a huge distraction for her).
- she comes when called. She does this very well.
- she does "place" very well.
- she "stays" till released. We combine sit/stay/heel or sit/stay/come during our walks.

I walk her off the leash in the neighborhood. Don't worry, my eyes are on her.
We met Brenda, Dominic and some other neighbors. They were impressed with Rhea as well. We exchanged experiences and opinions about how well you train these pups. Brenda and Dominic are very happy with the work you've done with their dogs. You're very good!

We're now on our way to a walk in the woods and a picnic in Eastern Townships.

Thanks a lot!

Here is a link to Rhea’s training video - pretty impressive 5 month old puppy!

Joanna and Jarrid & Simba


Facebok review from Joy & Bobby

Joy Kucer

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Lorne & Zenia


Pat with Alex & Lola


Facebook review from Ellen & Skyla and Hanzi

Ellen Sullivan

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Facebook review from Herta & Kelly


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David & Charlie


Hey Nick,

I just wanted to let you know that Charlie is the most well trained dog in Hampstead.

We never take a leash and haven't used one for months. He amazes everyone we meet. He responds perfectly every time to come, sit, stay, heel, place, leave it, out - no matter what distractions are around him. We still put the collar on when we go out, but rarely need to use it.

Since everyone asks how my dog is so well trained, I must have recommended you to everyone in town!
David Berman

Vicky & Aria

Great! Thanks for your help!

Just to let you know, training today so far has been great! She's still tried to run towards the house when I got near but after a few corrections she got it.
I'm sure everything will continue to progress smoothly now and she'll be a walking superstar! :)

Thanks again for meeting with me a few days earlier to solve our problem.


Allen Ptack & Spencer

Thanks Nick !

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to describe how effective remote training has been with our 3-year old Portuguese water dog named Spencer. We began training at the age of 6 months, and felt strongly that positive reinforcement was the only way to go. Much to our disappointment, 2 ½ years later Spencer was not coming when called reliably, was chasing after motorcycles, squirrels, cats and children, and was jumping on countertops stealing food! It came to a point that we were considering putting him up for adoption. After much convincing from our trainer, we reluctantly agreed to try remote training despite our concern that it was not the most humane form of training.

5 months have passed and we haven’t looked back. After a very short period during which Spencer became accustomed to the collar training has become a fun and rewarding activity. Spencer has never been more obedient and can actually walk off leash safely and reliably. We now only use the remote transmitter occasionally, but when we do, there are only subtle signs that Spencer is feeling something (his ears move slightly). We still are working on a couple of problems but overall we are thrilled with the results. Living with Spencer is finally rewarding and enjoyable.

We are completely convinced that your remote training methods are
effective and more importantly humane we to train a dog from puppyhood
to adulthood.
Allan Ptack and Dr. Sharon Abish

Anya & Bounty


Hi Nick,
I don't know if you remember me; it's Anja, the owner of Bounty, a female Golden that you trained last year. I just wanted to pass you a little note to tell her how fine she is and how nice she is behaving. She has nice company with another dog and they have been bonding like sisters. I send you a little picture just to thank you again for the work you've done.
If not for your training I would not have been able to keep my dog – and now thanks to your work she is a model “K9 Citizen”! I am impressed not only by your training abilities but also in your care for your clients dogs and all the follow up training and advice you have given us since Bounty completed her training.
Thank you for everything you have done for us!
Anja Brunner & Bounty

Google plus review from Alycia

Alicia Noe

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Google plus review form Alexander

Alexander galasso

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Facebook review from Adrienne

Adrienne Smith review

Taken from Family K9’s Facebook page

Michael & Cheese

Dear Nick,

I have been meaning to write you for a while now.

I first brought my dog, Cheese, to you last year. She was a rescue I found on the street and was always a difficult dog but had become increasingly more difficult after I moved back to Montreal from Los Angeles.

She was aggressive toward other dogs - dogs that were across the street, let alone close to us. She would lunge after skateboarders and other noisy moving objects. Even with four years of trying to get her to heel she would still pull her way down the street.

Like so many people with "difficult" dogs, i loved her but she was well on her way to becoming too difficult for me to manage as well as a possible danger to others.

I had gone to other private trainers in Los Angeles who all said they couldn't do anything with her. That she was too wild. Or they would only choke her into submission or simply try coaxing her with treats which never worked.

I had done a lot of research into dog training and from our first conversation I knew you were professional and well informed. I sent her with you for your 3 week board and train program.

After those three weeks she came back a well trained, obedient and even happier dog. She walked right at my side, never pulled, we could pass a dog on the same sidewalk and she would ignore it - same for skateboarders or other stimuli that scare her.

That was a year ago and Cheese is even better now than she was then. When possible, I take her with me when I travel for work. People cannot believe what a well trained and happy dog she is. She is still the same high energy, funny, sometimes weird dog that she always was - except now she listens to commands without hesitation and is happier, focused and calm. Her remote collar is never painful to her. On the contrary - she gets excited to have it put on.

And as you know, when I have to board her with you, she is beside herself with excitement because she enjoys her time so much at the kennel with you and the other dogs.

Thank you for literally changing both of our lives. The better she continues to get, the more integrated she becomes into my life, and the cycle of improvement simply continues from there.


Michael and Cheese

Gordon and Melanie

Hi Nick!
Just wanted to let you know how grateful we are, and thank you for everything you've done for Odin. We couldn't be happier with the results, it's like having a new dog :) Odin seems happy, relaxed, and most of all willing to listen, learn, and obey. We have trained with him last night, this morning, and this evening and have had nothing but positive results, all thanks to you! We'll be in touch if we have any questions.

Gilles and Connie & Nyka

Here is a link to Nyka’s video page - a pretty amazing dog and huge transformation!

It will be one week tomorrow since you brought Nyka back home to us, and we just wanted to thank you for bringing home the dog we always knew in our hearts he could be. Being a first time dog owner myself I knew the challenges that faced me owning a working dog, but I was willing to put my heart and soul into this as having a dog is a full time commitment. I humbly ate those words. As Nyka grew, so did his attitude and even though he responded to the simple commands we saw he was becoming a bully around other dogs and even worse with children. My frustrations grew, and I feared going outside with him for our daily walks. Gilles got us a collar which sat in a box for 6 months because I was too nervous and didn’t educate myself enough on the proper use of this wonderful training tool.

When we decided that we couldn’t do it ourselves, we started searching and finally found you, what more can we say. We had our meeting together and I expressed to you my apprehensions regarding the collar, but said I’m putting my faith and trust into you as you’re the trainer. Well this was all proven the day you brought him home.

After our hand over training session, and you had left I suggested we take Nyka for a walk in the park, because it was important for me to see the results without you being around. During this outing another dog (obviously not trained by you) as he was dragging his owner lunged at Nyka my hand was on the remote I clicked the button and said “Leave It” and walked the other way, Nyka followed my command and stayed focused on me leaving him in a winning position. Proof is in the pudding.

We are back to enjoying our daily walks once again, although I never leave home without his collar as per your suggestion, because I no longer feel the collar is breaking his spirit, quite the opposite. At home he no longer paces, he is much more relaxed in his environment it seems like he’s matured a year in 3 weeks.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for unlocking in Nyka the potential we always knew he had. We highly recommend you as a trainer.
Connie & Gilles Puppy licks from Nyka

Crystael & Walter

Hi Nick,

Just an email to let you know how thankful I am that I chose you as my dog trainer. I know I started off by being fearful that 6 sessions wouldnt be enough for a stubborn 4 month old bulldog but you definantly changed my perspective on that. To start off with a puppy who wouldnt listen to the word no or bad boy, who chased the cat consistently and constantly and who wouldnt go for walks let alone leave the property even when I would try to pull him on the leash to get going...I now have a great 5 month old puppy who goes for walks and heels consistently without a leash. He heels so well that I never feel the need to use a leash but do so when we are going around public just to abide by the rules.

Just today we brought him to visit my grandmother by car ride and forgot the leash but I didnt even worry about it. We just walked him off leash around and he did perfect following his leave it commands when he would see garbage. To say the least all the neighbours where shocked when they saw him walking around the blocks (no more dragging him!!) and he now leaves the cat alone so they may both enjoy their home together. I am working on his place+sit exercises and with consistency he will soon be perfect, he only tests his place boundaries when I leave the room or when hes been there for awhile when I am cleaning...but hey hes not even 6 months old yet and we are only just finally getting settle in the new home so we now have more time to work on it with him. We can't thank you enough! You always answered any question I had in emails between sessions and I know if any more arise in the future I can always just send out a quick email. I will send you an updated photo of Walter when he grows to his full size and I dont doubt that you will be seeing him again in the future for boarding whenever we go on vacation. I hope all is well with you and again thank you very much.

Take care,
Crystal, David and Walter (the cutest bulldog)

Janet & Brody

Hi Nick,

Brody here.

I am trying very hard to be a good boy and am much better – I think you’d be proud of me! I still have a little trouble on the leash when I meet other dogs or see birds or squirrels but I am improving!

I’m a very happy boy and I want to thank you for training me so well. I only need my ‘beeper’ when I go for walks. I follow my commands at the dog run and in the yard. I’m also excellent in the car now. I sit like a ‘king’ in the back seat.
In fact other drivers smile at me and some even wave.
I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I miss you!



Danielle & Lucky

Hi Nick,

Things are going well. We have a new dog. The first morning on Monday I took
him to the summit with the collar and he listened to all commands at first
with the buzzer (for the first 15 min) and then did not need to buzz him at
all (even when surrounded with lots of dogs). He even crossed the dog that
he always fights with, and I said leave it (without buzzing) and he did

We have had 4 different new people come to our house, and he did not jump on
them at all and this without the collar on.

Today, went on a big run at beaverlake with my jogging buddies and he
listened almost perfectly to heel & leave commands as we passed many
squirrels & dogs and he never slowed our running stride. Happy about that

Thank you


Alycia & Baylor

Hey Nick,

Just thought I would give you a quick update. Baylor is doing great, we practice every day either inside or outside and today he did amazing. We were at the dog park with probably 12 other dogs and he was playing while listening to the commands I was giving him. Everyone was giving him complements as to how well he was behaved. He was coming to every single come while playing with many dogs (lots of distractions), doing his places perfectly, he even dropped a twig from his mouth when I said leave it, which was awesome. I even trusted him today to walk off leash the whole time to and from the dog park. His heel is great. We walked by many dogs and people and as long as I said leave it from time to time he stayed right by my side. 

Thank you so much for teaching me the tricks. This is so fun working with Baylor. 


Jon and Alicia & Cletus

From the moment we saw you interact with Cletus, we knew that you were the guy for us. Your techniques were so easy to learn and apply,t hat we are amazed in how much we have accomplished in a short time.
Thanks to you we have the perfect dog.
Thanks again.
Your number one fans.

Bev and Gary & Bowser

Bowzer loved being there with all his friends. You taught him well! He's such a good boy!

Lynn & Angus


David and Esther & Jasper

Lieberman thank you

Rose & Clohe

Hi Nick,

I can't thank you enough for all the personalized attention you gave Chloe while she was with you, for going above and beyond.....there was an immediate difference in her mannerisms, which I noticed when you brought her back......I know there are more commands that you have to show me how to follow through upon, and her housebreaking needs more work, on her part and mine (with your help), but so far, she is just so sweet, warm, and delicious,responding to the commands you have trained her to obey, and I look forward to taking her to more places and totally enjoying her.......Hope you have a sparkling weekend with your daughter before she starts school......Warmest Regards,


Myrna and Clark & Molson

Dear Nick,
Clark and I continue to be astounded by Molson. How good he is, listening, behaving, walking well, and very sweet.
We are so pleased with your training, and we thank you very much.
Best wishes for the holidays, and a happy new year,

Melanie and Gordon & Odin

Hi Nick! Sorry I think we were too excited watching Odin’s video on your website and forgot to write back lol. I've watched it everyday and I'm pretty sure Melanie has as well! We are super excited! It so great to see him not wanting to attack cars and listening to the leave it command. We're counting down the days until he gets home. Thank you so much for everything!

See a video of Odin’s very unique issue and training here