Nyka - a very driven Malinois with Dog Aggression

Nyka the malinois carrying a branch.

Malinois - not for everyone!

Nyka is a great dog - from the world famoud Ot Vitosha Kennels.
Anyone in the working dog world knows that Ivan Balabanov breeds highly driven dogs and they are not for the faint of heart. It is like getting in an F1 car - you better buckle up and hold on tight!

Gilles and Connie - wonderful dog owners from Laval, QC - were having trouble with Nyka and after trying other trainers - contacted Nick to help them with Nyka.

This video is different in format than mpst of the other ones due to Nyka’s character - i wanted to showcase several things:
one - playing tug of war with him and having him switch in and out of commands. This shows his controllability even when in high drive
Having him workaround Hyper - who is a male INTACT Dutch Shepherd who was about 12 years old @ the time.
Very challenging for a dog with dog aggression issues.

Having Hyper bark and join in on the work - showing more contorllability in close proximity

Having him control himself while I play tug with Hyper - taking things even further becasue now we not only are controlling in high drive but also added an element of competitiveness to this - fueling the fire - but keeping Nyka cool!
Thanks for your help Hype - miss you buddy!