Hyper helping Nick train aggressive dogs

Two of these four dogs had aggression problems with other dogs prior to coming to NIck for training. One of which whose owners had worked for quite some time with another school to no avail.

See if you can spot who dog aggressive dogs are.

Hint one of them is shown in a short Before & After clip @ the end of the video. Sadly - I didn't get a before clip of dog number 2. The change in both dogs is quite dramatic.

Dog training assistant extraordinaire!

In this video you will see the dogs working and my dog Hyper who is ten yrs old plays the distraction dog. Hyper is an intact male and the only reason he isn't trying to hump all of them is because he knows to focus on his work when asked to do so. You can see when I release him - it takes no time at all for his true colors to come out:-) It speaks volumes about my old guy - he has not had any formal training in years. We worked a lot up until about the age of 1 and since then we have coasted on what we developed - I am too busy training everyone else's dogs. Left to his own devices he is a fun loving, obnoxious dog - who will annoy even the most patient of dogs in the way he interacts. The way he goes through life makes Kramer from Seinfeld look like Aristotle. 9 yrs. later and his training still holds up to the test!

I also included a clip of the dogs @ play - to show you how well they all integrate outside of training and when not under any commands.

At the end I had Hyper heel along with Jerry and Larry - and it threw them for a loop a little. 3 dogs heeling together is tricky - but we had to go for it! it get s a little messy because they have not done this before and the order from inside dog to middle dog to outside dog is underdetermined since we only did this one time on the spot - but you can see even if someone gets shoved out of the way and a little lost in the shuffle - the focus, and following never, ever waivers.

Happy dogs, obedient and no more aggression issues!

As I always like to point out - watch how these dogs work their hearts out and stay focused. Look at how happy they are while working even through tough distractions. Notice how quickly they listen and I never raise my voice beyond a quiet speaking tone.