Jack the rescue lab mix - DDO West Island Dog Training

This video has a playful tone.And why shouldn’t it?

Jack has been transformed from a dog who pulled hard on his leash, was uncontrollable during walks - and was aggressive to both people and dogs.

He used to lunge at the door and bit someone in the doorway just before we started training.

He couldn’t be trusted to run off leash with his Pal Dixie - especially given the fact that he couldn’t be called back.

Jack’s highlight reel

In todays clip - we have jack holding his place - even while Tina’s friend Vanessa rings the bell and comes in - you can see how hard Jack is working to be obedient - and he does great. To add to the complexity - Martha - Tina’s other dog is enjoying Vanessa’s visit TONS!We go for a walk - and even while Jack sees Dixie, a Golden retriever who he adores (one of his inner circle)- he stays completely calm and focused - when told he can go play - he goes wild - having a blast with his pal.

Off leash control - advanced dog training

While he is playing freely - we are still able to call him back, and even when Tina begins to move away without saying a word - Jack notices and begins to follow her. He was in the snow wrestling when this happens. Every dog should be this focused on their owner.

Avoiding Dog Fights - control is key

Jack leaves a Pitbull who lunges at him during our stay at the park - they clearly do not like one another - but he does great.We have Jack heel off leash around Dixie’s awesome distractions - and yet again he performs like a boss. Even moves out to the right when passing her - and then on his own swings back to the left. We do a couple more tricks to ensure that he really knows left from right. All good.From Zero to Hero in 2 weeksNot bad for a dog who bit someone just 2 weeks ago, had to be behind the 2nd door when Tina answered the door, barked non stop at the doorbell, couldn’t be walked without dragging the poor person holding the leash and could not be trusted off leash.Not bad at all - Great Job Tina and Jack!