Saving a dog from being hit by a car

Shiba Inu off leash obedience training, TMR, Vaudreuil, Montreal QC

Sasuke’s owner called me early January this year asking for help.In his words:

“It isnt a matter of if he will be killed by a car - but a matter of when”

My dog gets loose and won’t come when I call him!

Sasuke used to take any chance to run out the door and force his owners to chase around the Town of Mount Royal.It was a big game to him - he would stay just out of reach but not take off.He wanted to be chased and it was the highlight of each day for him - and of course the low part for the owners whose hearts raced each time this occured.

My dog pulls on leash

Sasuke also had to be walked on a harness because he would pull on his leash, bite at his leash slip out of his collar when outside - all in an effort to get his owner to play the “catch me if you can” game.As you can see in the video - all the issues have been corrected - and his owners can now fully control him around an open door and outside we not only can walk him and call him when needed - he is happy to do it.We even have him off leash on a busy street to show the owners how easy he is to control now.

Training a Shiba Inu

This is a wonderful breed. Smart, affectionate, playful - but very independent - so much that they can almost be catlike at times. This presents a special and unique challenge for a trainer and an opportunity to stretch out a little bit to really tailor the training to the dog. It is surprising to me that this breed isn’t more popular - I have trained many and I am a huge fan in general and of Sasuke in particular.