Puppy Board and Train

Training puppies in Montreal in kennel boarding school

The above photo was snapped during a play and training session. these dogs are from different families, are close in age & all have a very similar social drive to play with one another.  This is very useful in training.

Puppy Distraction Training

Of course it is also tons of fun for them – but we reap the benefits of using their playful nature and friends as distractions and also as a reward for a job well done – driving the incentive to focus and work higher.

Teaching puppies to control themselves when excited

Starting training young, ideally close to the 8 week mark (Puppy Pre School) goes a long way to aid in dealing with distractions for the rest of their lives.  

I am contacted by dozens of owners of reactive dogs weekly whose dogs would have benefitted from early training. in some cases the dogs were already trained but the methods were not very productive.  it is important to understand how your dog’s mind works and what is important to them and how to clearly communicate if you want to be productive in training.  

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