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Dog Training Services Montreal

A complete range of dog training services for all your Canine behavioural needs:

Puppy pre school

Puppy training is easy when you have the right approach. Puppies are like little sponges and are learning and picking up new habits each day.

Obedience Training

Obedience training is a language, a system that is used to facilitate living with our dogs, helping owners face daily challenges, both in the house and when out and about with their dogs.

Good Manners

The more training we have on our dogs, the more we can include them in our daily lives, and enjoy our time together.

Board & Train in Kennel Training

The more training we have on our dogs, the more we can include them in our daily lives, and enjoy our time together.

Dog Aggression

Inter-dog aggression is a common problem. Not all dogs are capable of being social.  Dogs have individual personalities, strengths, and weaknesses just like we all do. 

Housebreaking and Destructive Behaviour

Frustrated with your dog’s destructive behaviour?  Soiling in the house?   Learn how to improve the situation.

Behavioural Consultations

When assessing a dog, it isn’t simply to see if “the dog can be trained”.

It is to observe the dog in depth, study his behaviour, as well as take a case history from the owner.  It allows the trainer to look for specific markers from the dog that will indicate both who the dog is, how the dog operates.  

Reactive Dog Training

Training reactive dogs is a focus game and you had better be good at the game!

Living with a reactive dog can be very limiting in your (and your dogs’) ability to enjoy every day life activities.

Training is key to improve the quality of life for both Human and Canine!

Separation Anxiety

Our goal for our dogs should be to have an emotionally balanced and well adjusted pet. A dog who enjoys our company, wants to be with its people and at the same time is comfortable on it’s own in the absence of the owner.  Helping dogs with separation anxiety find this balance is truly art.

Human Aggression

Dogs can display aggression towards humans for all sorts of varying reasons. Being overly protective, fearful, or simply out of control. Take charge of your dogs behaviour today! Learn a better way.

Resource guarding

Resource guarding is a natural occurrence in dogs.  Learn how to maximize your leader ship as well as your dogs willingness to cooperate.


“Wow! Nick has worked miracles with our dog. We opted for the board / train program, for our 4 year old Dobermann, and Jack has come back a changed dog.
Nick’s approach works wonders. He truly understands dogs and it shows in the results.
Highly recommend!!”


A Balanced relationship between Human and Canine

Finding your balance point in your relationship with your dog opens up doorways and opportunities to enjoy one another’s company in a multitude of environments, circumstances and activities.

Proper training, has it’s foundation in clear, concise communication, realistic expectations, and commitment to our Canine.

Contact family K9 today to find out how to make the most of your relationship with your dog.

“My now almost 12 year old husky mix had a visit with Nick when he was only 1.5 years old. After 2 previous trainers, it took only 4 sessions with Nick to help show me this marvellous dog I had by my side. He’s still that perfect well behaved pooch today! Now that my dog is part of a pack, we’ve added 2 more dogs to our family. Nick was right there when I needed him again to guide me through these new experiences with one of the new dogs. I can’t thank Nick enough for his dedication, his compassion and his willingness to share his knowledge. Nick makes his guidance relatable so it’s easier to stay with the training and end up with such wonderful pets. Thank you Nick!!!!”

-Kristina Imeson

Helping Dogs &  Owners live better lives

“There is a reason Nick only merits 5 star reviews. He is the full package. Expert, knowledgeable, patient, compassionate and gets the job done.
We booked our German Shepherd/Rottweiler, Romeo, with Nicks 3 week boarding and training course.
Prior to the course, we weren’t able to walk with Romeo in public (despite multiple private courses and months of group obedience classes) without him pulling and barking at every person or dog in his sight.
Now, after the 3 week course, Romeo is now able to respond to our heel and leave it command and makes it an enjoyable walk.
I first reached out to Nick and chose Family K9 after reading all of his reviews, I did not know anyone who’s been there before so took a chance and I’m so glad I did. It was worth every penny! We exchanged messages via Facebook and I would receive weekly updates and pictures.
I highly recommend Nick and am so grateful for how we are now able to enjoy our dog walks now!”

-Jenai Reaburn

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