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Montreal’s Dog Trainer & Behaviour Modification Expert for over 25 years!

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Meet Nick Zevgolis – Montreal’s Leading Dog Training Expert for 3 decades! Professional help in all aspects of Dog Training:

Montreal Dog trainer –  Family K9 Dog Training – Has been providing professional dog training services to Montreal Dog Owners  for 30 years!  Nick is often called upon by dog owners who have already tried to train their dogs with other dog trainers and not been able to achieve quality results.

In home dog training, one on one private dog training courses at the kennel and in kennel boarding and training options are available.

Proudly helping Humans and their K9’s for 3 decades!  Using scientific, proven and humane dog training methods. 

Dog Training Services Montreal & off island

  • Puppy selection
  • Successfully raising a well balanced puppy
  • Puppy training
  • Obedience training
  • Help with obedience issues
  • Help with dogs that trainers and methods failed with.
  • Consultations for canine problem behaviour 
  • Courses for Confidence building
  • Socialization
  • Behavioural problems such as:
  • Reactivity
  • Fear Aggression/Avoidance
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Soiling in the house
  • Excessive Barking

Professional Dog Training Services Montreal

Referred by Veterinarians, Dog Trainers, Groomers and of course, Dog Owners.

Nick is a big believer in providing the highest level of service to his clients and their dogs. He enjoys relationships with many clients that have spanned over the course working with of multiple dogs.  Family K9 Dog Training guarantees its training programs (except for Puppy Pre School since this is just the very beginning of raising an obedient dog).

Dog Training specializing in:

Building Human / Canine relationships

Through training, communication and understanding.

Family K9  has proudly earned it’s reputation the old fashioned way.  By providing Montreal area dog owners with the best dog training available for over 25 years. Attention to detail , professionalism  and treating  clients and their dogs with the utmost caring and respect. Backing all this up with a  guarantee.

In the 25 plus years that Family K9 Dog Training has been in business there have been a proliferation of new dog trainers that crop up each year.  Anyone can claim to be a dog trainer – please make sure you are working with a professional who has a long standing track record of success in canine training.

Nick is sought after in the training of from across Canada, the US and abroad as well.  See the Dogs trained across Canada and USA page for details.

Montreal Dog Trainer Nick Zevgolis of Family K9 Dog Training

Montreal Dog Trainer Nick Zevgolis of Family K9 Dog Training

Proudly serving dog owners from across Montreal as well as Canada and the US!

Montreal's Dog Trainer for 30 years!

Proudly serving dog owners from across Montreal as well as Canada and the US!
137 reviews on
Gianni Fusco
Gianni Fusco
There are many dog trainers out there but those like Nick and Family K9 are quite rare. We chose Family K9 almost 10 years ago for our first Cane Corse Zoe and she remained the reference to everyone that met her of an incredibly behaved dog. After we lost her in June we contemplated whether we ever embark on this journey again with another dog. What we knew without any doubt was that any other dog would have to be trained by Family K9 as we would rather sacrifice getting another dog before getting one that wasn’t trained by them. I’m am glad to say that we’ve decided to go forward with another Cane Corso and Kira has been the blessing we needed. We picked her up yesterday after what felt like the longest three weeks of our lives and the results are spectacular. We may sound biased after all these years but we truly cannot put in words what a difference it makes. Training any dog comes with a cost but after having trained our two dogs with Family K9 and witnessing the benefits first hand, we are convinced that it is an investment rather than a cost. What your dog will give your family back for many years after being trained by Family K9 is invaluable. Forever grateful.
Jason Wolofsky
Jason Wolofsky
Max, our 3.5-year-old, 70-pound golden doodle, is a gentle giant who's wonderful with kids and not at all aggressive. However, his needy behavior when people come over, his penchant for pulling during walks due to his incredible strength, and his selective hearing when it comes to commands without food were starting to pose some challenges. That's when we decided to seek the expertise of Max Dog Trainer Nick. After a three-week training program, Max returned as a completely transformed dog. While he's still very needy, we now have the tools to correct this behavior. Walking with him has become much more manageable, and when he gets hyper, we can put him in his designated "place." We've heard great things about Nick from friends who've used his services, and the hype is real! We're thrilled with Max's progress, though the real work is ongoing once you're back home. Nonetheless, Nick has armed us with all the right tools, and he's been incredibly responsive via email for any questions or concerns. We couldn't be happier with the results.
After having tried another dog trainer and gotten nowhere I really hesitated to try working with someone else. I was so pleasantly surprised and impressed with Nick and the results that he got from our puppy. He really cares about the dogs and understands how they think and how to get the most from them. He sets up realistic goals and teaches the owners how to use his training in every day situations and they have made the biggest difference to the way that we feel when we are with our dog. We gave Nick a puppy that we were having a lot of trouble with and we picked up a dog that was so well behaved and pleasant to be around. He’s a completely different dog
.its incredible that Nick was able to achieve this in a few weeks! We are enjoying and loving every second with our dog and owe this completely to the time that he spent with Nick. Nick truly is wonderful and was a real life saver for us 🙂
Luc Richer
Luc Richer
Great experience and highly recommended
Joane Osei Owusu
Joane Osei Owusu
If you are hesitating about whether to have your dog trained by Nick, the answer is simple: just do it. The results are phenomenal! My dog Luna is a 3-year-old Labrador who is very reactive and nervous. During walks, she used to lunge and bark excessively at other dogs, cars, trucks, skateboards, school buses, motorcycles—you name it. I've even memorized my neighborhood's schedule to avoid encountering these triggers. I dreaded walking her because it was not only stressful for me but also for her. Additionally, she weighs 60 pounds and is a strong puller. I've tried front harnesses, back harnesses, gentle leaders, but nothing worked. She often walked me instead of the other way around. Luna was also fearful at home, only trusting me, my brothers, and my dad. Strangely, she was afraid of my mom, which led to her biting my mom several times. My mom gave me an ultimatum: either Luna goes to a shelter or sees a dog behaviorist to get better. Giving her up was not an option as I love my dog with all my heart, but I also wanted a peaceful home dynamic. Both my mom and Luna deserve to feel safe and comfortable. I had previously seen three trainers. One used a shock collar for "discipline," another used hotdogs to distract her, and the third yelled at her. Clearly, none of these methods worked and only made her condition worse. I decided to take the plunge and reach out to Nick. We started with a consultation to discuss our expectations and assess Luna. During the consultation, he took the time to answer all my questions and educate me about Luna's body language. I didn't realize that my dog was giving me signs of discomfort in certain situations. With this new information, I decided that the best option was to send Luna for the 3-week kennel training. Nick kept me updated on Luna's progress, sending pictures and videos. I could see that Luna had bonded with him and was genuinely happy, which put me at ease. During the transfer lesson, Nick took the time to teach my brother and me how to communicate with Luna and how to properly walk her. Luna trusted Nick, and I could see their interactions; to me, that's a true "leader." When we went home, Luna was a completely different dog. She was confident and no longer barked at school buses during our walks, which was a huge success. Now, she even walks up to my mom to be petted in the morning. He even emails me from time to time to ask how Luna is doing. He truly cares about the job he does. I can't thank Nick enough for everything he has done. Luna is truly happy, our family is at peace, our walks are so much more enjoyable, and I can walk her at any time of the day. That's all I could ask for.
Luca Xavier
Luca Xavier
If you are hesitating in working with Nick, maybe I can help you make what is ultimately a really big decision easier. I booked a consultation with Nick for my 1.5 year old Kangal x Caucasian Shepherd girl. Within 15 minutes I knew I would be working with Nick in the future. The consultation let me know that my girl was in good hands and she would make strides in her training to make both our lives easier. After 3 weeks with Nick in the board and train program, I had tons of questions which were answered in both the follow up sessions and online. Already my dog and I live a better life because of the foundation we have built. I feel like I myself have become an amateur dog trainer in what Nick has taught me. I have the tools and confidence now to continue working with my dog. I look forward to doing some advanced training with Nick in the future and so does my girl.
Mark Goren
Mark Goren
Our experience with Nick could not have been more positive. Firstly, Nick is a tremendous person. Second, he really understands how to make his message stick while teaching us how to train our two dogs. Other trainers base their methods on rewarding your dog with treats. Nick gets to the psychology of the dog, helping you understand what dogs need from their families, and how to make your dog feel safe when with you. That’s the key. We couldn’t recommend Nick more.
L-P Therrien
L-P Therrien
Can’t recommend enough!!!! I sent my 3 y/o boxer (Tucker) for a 3 week board and train with Nick and I could not believe the results when I got him back. I can finally enjoy my walks with my dog, I am not worried about him running around and barking when people knock on my door. He was always soooo excited/distracted by everything. He had no impulse control. He can finally relax and rely on my commands to know what is expected of him. The work still has to be put in at home to maintain the work Nick did but the rules are so clear now. I am forever grateful that Nick allowed me to have this peaceful and trusting relationship with my dog.
Ann DĂ©ry
Ann DĂ©ry
We just finished dog obedience classes with Nick. It is difficult to put into a few words the positive and exceptional experience we had with Nick. We are a couple in our 50s with an 18 year old boy and Kobe is our first dog ever. We took puppy pre school and obedience classes with Nick from family K9 dog training. Firstly, Nick has an undeniable understanding of canine psychology, he has a way of explaining each technique to us with simplicity and clarity and with each practice the results were there. Kobe is a goldendoodle who is anxious and reactive towards other dogs. We were discouraged at times because we do a lot of outdoor sports and each time we became nervous about our dog's reaction. With the training, Nick was able to give us the confidence and teaching necessary to better understand Kobe's behavior and manage his reactivity. Throughout the training there was a feeling of care, support and we were guided with good techniques to improve Kobe's behavior. Our meetings with Nick were always friendly, informative and everything took place with a mixture of humor, which calmed our nervousness. I recommend Nick to anyone looking for a qualified trainer who is an expert in his field and who provides excellent personalized support to his clients! Today, thanks to our training, we are able to help Kobe manage his nervousness and reactivity, which makes our outings more enjoyable! A big thank you to Nick for everything! Ann and Patrick
Tamara Arbeiter
Tamara Arbeiter
Nick is simply excellent. We came to him nervous and anxious after our 2yo Bernese Roxy began to show some signs of situational aggression. At the same time we wanted to work on other things - walking, place, leaving food etc. Training was as much, if not more, for us. Nick not only reassured us that Roxy is an amazing dog, but that she is extremely trainable and a pleasure to work with. He was patient, kind, direct and probably the best trainer for our dog. He got right on her level and she adores him. Highly highly recommend!!!

Help Your Dog Today!

Have a well behaved dog!

Montreal Professional Dog Training Services

Obedience Training, Behavioural Modification and Dog Training Consultations

Training for you and your puppy to get started in a positive direction!

Puppies love to learn and teaching them good habits is much easier than correcting bad ones later on.  This course is designed to help people with puppies aged between 8-16 weeks old get started on the right track . 
Topics covered:

  • Crate training
  • Socialization
  • Housebreaking
  • How to properly play with your puppy. The most effective ways to do this to promote good habits, motivation, bonding and avoid problematic behaviour.
  • Avoiding separation anxiety
  • Teaching manners  such as not jumping, not nipping and not chewing or destroying items.
  • Light obedience
  • And much much more

Hands on training with you, your K9 buddy and Nick @ your home or at the kennel!

This course is designed for the owner who would like to have solid, obedience & control of their dog. Commands such as: sit, heel, come, place, leave it & off. Obedience as well as house manners are addressed and the course is taught in six 1-hour lessons.

All dogs should have good manners. Learning not to jump up on people and furniture, not to chew and destroy things which could be dangerous for your dog, not to bark excessively etc ..

Want to refine or take your dogs training to the next level?

Private obedience, coaching to help with your dogs’ existing training can be a very useful way to ameliorate your skill set.

Family K9’s most comprehensive dog training package!

Three weeks to a happy and obedient companion that you can confidently take anywhere. Your dog will receive daily lessons and playtime with the other dog as well as tons of TLC.

At the end of the dog’s training, Nick will teach you how to properly maintain your dog’s training for the rest of his/her life.

Nick’s methods are gentle and encouraging & help to strengthen the bond between human and dog. Family K9 is so confident in this service that it is backed it with a Lifetime guarantee.

This training package is in high demand with limited space available. Advanced reservations are required.

Nick & Boss – German Shepherd Dog in Training

In certain cases a consultation can prove very useful when we need to asses a dog’s behaviour prior to training. Or for those who live very far away a phone consultation is the next best thing to training together in a hands on fashion.

Videos and Dog Training Articles and blog posts important information for all dog owners interested in having a better relationship with their canine!

Family K9 Dog Training: Unleashing Harmony in the MontĂ©rĂ©gie Region! đŸŸđŸĄ

Attention all MontĂ©rĂ©gie pet parents! If you’re searching for a canine training experience that combines expertise, compassion, and a family-friendly approach, look no further than Family K9 Dog Training. Nestled in the heart of MontĂ©rĂ©gie, serving the regions of Vaudreuil, Hudson, Rigaud, Saint Lazare and clients from all over this premier dog training service is dedicated to transforming your four-legged family member into the well-mannered companion you’ve always dreamed of.

🌟 The Family K9 Difference: Expert Dog Trainer and Dog Owner Teacher with a Personal Touch !

Click here to read all about Family K9 Dog Training Services and get yourself and your dog on track to th best possible relationship!

Dog Trainer Montreal with Well trained puppy bulldog

A Collection of video clips of recent in kennel dog training students  

 In-kennel dog training is a popular option for those seeking comprehensive and effective training solutions. 

Understanding In-Kennel Dog Training:

In-kennel dog training, also known as board-and-train or residential training, is one fo family K9’s most popular services along with one on one lessons at your home or at the kennel as well.  Click here to find out more about Family K9’s training program and see some recent graduates in action!

Montreal dog trainer, helping dogs, overcome fears and phobias

Noise sensitive dogs – More common than you think

Our K9 companions bring boundless joy into our lives, but for some, loud noises can turn their world upside down. Whether it’s thunderstorms, fireworks, or even the clang of pots and pans in the kitchen, noise sensitivity can cause distress and anxiety in our beloved pets.  Today, we embark on a journey to understand and assist our canine companions in overcoming their noise-related woes.  Click here to read the full article and see a vide on how to help your dog with noise sensitivity


Unleashing Socialization Success for Montreal Pups

Welcoming a furry friend into your Montreal home? Discover expert tips on how to socialize your puppy, ensuring they become the bark of the town!
Click on the image to read more about how to properly socialize your dog, and watch an instructional video on socialization and obedience training.

Dog owners need to understand how to foster emotional health in their dogs. Teaching dogs that avoidance is not only ok but is actually encouraged is a very dangerous message that will doom a dog to getting locked into fear based reactions and patterns. it is a quality of life killer for both Canine and it’s owner.

Learn how to help build your dog’s confidence and how to avoid the common mistakes many dog owners make on a daily basis without even being aware they are doing it.

Another training school had told them that there was nothing they could do to help this dog and had relegated this dog to having to be boarded up behind sheets of plywood to keep it from trying to attack the other dogs in class.

Click on the image above or on this link to watch the video and hear about these dog owners’ journey of rescuing a street dog and how training helped save the dog’s life and give them all a future together.

Investing time and effort into finding the right dog trainer will not only shape your dog’s behavior but also strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion. So go ahead, embark on this exciting journey of training and watch your dog flourish under the guidance of a skilled Montreal dog trainer!

Click here to find out more about the best training services for your dog and your needs!

Dog parks are a popular place for dog owners to bring their K9 buddies.  They get to romp around and get some exercise and social interaction. Montreal (and its surrounding areas) is a very dog friendly city and as such has plenty of dog parks. So do the surrounding areas such as the West Island, the south shore and Laval.

The question is should you bring your dog to a dog park?

Click here or on the image above to read an article and watch a dog training video about the pros and cons of dog parks, as well as how to properly socialize your dog to set you and your dog up for success!


An article and videos from Montreal area, dog owners to learn about the right approach Anne Smart strategies in order to have a well-trained dog.

Click on this link to go to the article detailing important points every dog must know in order to have it all trained.

It is so easy and such a copout to blame the dog. A dog trainer should be an educator, a coach, and a motivator.  We should be guiding & building our dogs up and challenging ourselves to continuously find the right way for the individual dog in front of us.

Click on the link to see a video of this supposedly “dumb” dog in action. Far from them, he’s a wonderful, social, playful and highly trainable dog who needed a trainer that understood him and wanted to help him and his family have a good life together.

Play with a puppy should be fun and engaging for both the puppy and it’s human counterpart.

Learn how to properly play with your puppy from an expert so that you can optimize your puppies behaviour in record time and have fun together while doing it!

Click on the link to go to an article and video detailing how to properly play with your puppy.  

Sharing our lives, and our hearts with our dogs can bring lots of joy for everyone, but like everything else in life it’s important to understand the rules so that we don’t fall into problematic patterns.

Dogs want our attention and affection and of course we want to give it to them, it is best to understand the impact of our actions on earth dogs in order to understand how to enjoy your relationship with your dog without creating issues.

Click on this link or the image above to go to an article and dog training, video detailing important concepts for dog owners to understand, in order to train their demanding dogs.

Teaching a dog to focus especially under distraction is a cornerstone of good dog training.  If your dog cannot focus and be obedient when distracted it renders your training ineffective.  

“Handling a dog that cannot focus under distraction is like driving a car whose brakes only work under 30KM/H”

Here we have Popeye, a young poodle who is full of life, very sweet and playful. Click on this link or the image above to go to an article and video discussing and demonstrating important concepts in dog training in order to have a well-behaved dog around distractions.


Many dog owners make errors when trying to play fetch with their dog that ultimately cost them their enjoyment of the game.

Fetch can be a wonderful way to give your dog exercise and enjoyable activity that you can share with your dog.

Click on this link to go to a video detailing, some of the more common stakes, dog owners, make when trying to play fetch with their dogs and learn how to properly play this game with your dog.

No more pulling on leash

Focused heeling, communication and cooperation.

From playful dogs who pull on leash to get everywhere quicker to dog reactive dogs.

Dog Training for special needs dogs

Dogs possess very impressive adaptability

Teaching canine manners

Teaching dogs not to jump up, not to bite or bark excessively or steal/destroy  items

Reactive dog Training

Dog Training with an expert who has been providing dog training solutions for 3 decades!  

Help improve your dog’s behaviour today!

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Poppi in for training fall 2019

Due to the nature of my schedule I am in sessions all day with clients and their dogs. Email is the best way to reach me as I cannot get to the phone very easily. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Montreal Dog Trainer

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