Avoid #1 Mistake That Can Ruin a Dog’s Life

Dog owners need to understand how to foster emotional health in their dogs. Teaching dogs that avoidance is not only ok but is actually encouraged is a very dangerous message that will doom a dog to getting locked into fear based reactions and patterns. it is a quality of life killer for both Canine and it’s owner.

Learn how to help build your dog’s confidence and how to avoid the common mistakes many dog owners make on a daily basis without even being aware they are doing it.

Unleashing Confidence: Montreal Dog Trainer Transforming Fearful Pups into Confident Companions

Meet Nick Zevgolis, owner of Family K9 Dog Training a dedicated dog trainer whose expertise goes beyond teaching commands – Nick specializes in helping dogs overcome fear and avoidance through innovative behavioral training. In this blog post, we’ll explore the remarkable journey of Montreal’s dogs as they learn to conquer their fears and rediscover joy with Nick’s techniques and guidance.

Understanding Fear and Avoidance:

Dogs, like humans, can experience fear and avoidance due to various reasons – whether it’s a traumatic past experience, lack of socialization, or a natural predisposition. Nick recognizes that addressing these issues requires a unique approach that combines patience, empathy, and science-backed training methods.

Creating a Safe Haven:

Nick starts by creating a safe and nurturing environment for each dog. This safe haven serves as the foundation for building trust, an essential element in overcoming fear. Through positive reinforcement and gentle guidance, dogs begin to associate training sessions with comfort and security.  The dogs learn that through following the lead of their person they can achieve what they crave the most – feeling secure.  Their reactivity and avoidance is in fact driven by this hard-wired need. So what we do in training is replace their fear driven reactions with new behaviours that not only make our lives easier when handling our dogs but ultimately give the dogs a better quality of life.

Tailored Training Programs:

No two dogs are alike, and Nickunderstands the importance of tailoring training programs to meet individual needs. Whether a dog is fearful of other dogs, people, or certain environments, Nick employs a customized approach that gradually exposes them to the source of fear in a controlled manner. This gradual exposure allows dogs to build confidence at their own pace.  Consultations are required prior to a training program in cases of behavioural issues – read about Family K9 Dog Training Consultations here.

Positive Reinforcement Techniques:

Nick relies on positive reinforcement techniques to encourage desirable behaviors. From treats and praise to play and affection, dogs are motivated to conquer their fears through positive associations, making the learning process enjoyable and stress-free.

Building Canine Confidence:

As dogs progress through the training program, a noticeable transformation occurs – fear begins to dissipate, replaced by newfound confidence. Nick celebrates every small victory, reinforcing positive behaviors and encouraging a positive outlook on life for each furry trainee.

Success Stories:

Nick has witnessed incredible success stories, where once-fearful dogs have blossomed into confident, happy companions. From overcoming leash reactivity to thriving in social situations, the results speak volumes about the effectiveness of Nick’s approach to behavioral training.


Harper a fear reactive Chihuahua trained by Nick Zevgolis of Family K9 Dog Training. harper was trained by Nick @ the age of 12. Yes, 12 years old and she and her owners are enjoying a better quality of life.  Go Harper!
Harper a fear reactive Chihuahua trained by Nick Zevgolis of Family K9 Dog Training. harper was trained by Nick @ the age of 12. Yes, 12 years old and she and her owners are enjoying a better quality of life.  Go Harper!



Dogs from Montreal to as far as the west coast of both Canada and the US are finding hope and healing through the dedicated efforts of Family K9 Dog Training. By addressing fear and avoidance with patience, empathy, and positive reinforcement, Nick is paving the way for a brighter, more confident future for our beloved furry friends. If you have a dog struggling with fear or avoidance, consider reaching out to Family K9 Dog Training and embark on a journey of transformation that will not only enhance your dog’s life but also deepen the bond between you and your loyal companion.

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