Dog Aggression – Helping Dog Owners Other Trainers Failed

This is an old video being reposted.

A Rescue Dog Story – Good Intentions Gone Bad 

Listen to these dog owners recount their story and experience having rescued the dog off the streets.

What it was like for them, trying to integrate the dog into their lives, an urban environment, full of distractions and other dogs.

Failed Attempt at Dog Training – Other trainers Claim Dog Cannot Be Helped

Another training school had told them that there was nothing they could do to help this dog and had relegated this dog to having to be boarded up behind sheets of plywood to keep it from trying to attack the other dogs in class.

Dog Training – Setting the Dog Up For Success

As much as I am not a fan of dog parks, we filmed this video in a local dog park in order to show the dogs ability to coexist around other dogs and humans.

Hopefully this video will reach those of you who are in need of help with your dogs and provide a glimmer of hope to not give up on your dogs, on your training and on your search for finding the right trainer to help you with your dog.

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