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Board and Train / In Kennel Training

Board and Train Montreal

Family K9’s program is very popular amongst owners for multiple reasons:

  • Dog owners who want high-level obedience training for their pet.
  • It is equally suitable for people whose dogs exhibit behavioural problems.
  • It is a wonderful way for a dog to have a chance to socialize and train around a high degree of distraction.
  • Some dog owners prefer to coordinate their dogs in kennel training while they will be away on vacation or business, which is certainly a convenient impractical option. 
  • Specialized training needs i.e. reactive or aggressive dogs.

Board and Training for Your Dog simply explained:

Some people mistakenly believe that a dog trained by someone other than the owner will not listen to the owner once the training has been completed.   I want to be clear that this is incorrect. 

In order for the Board & Train program to succeed we need to :

  • Train the dog to a high level of competence using scientific and easily transferrable methods.
  • Teach the owner what they need to know in order to successfully carry on where the trainer left off.
  • The owner commits to regular practice and necessary lifestyle changes in order to optimize the training.

If these conditions are met – we will have a dog who transfers over well.

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