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A Collection of video clips of recent in kennel dog training graduates

 In-kennel dog training is a popular option for those seeking comprehensive and effective training solutions. 

Understanding In-Kennel Dog Training:

In-kennel dog training, also known as board-and-train or residential training, is one fo family K9’s most popular services along with one on one lessons at your home or at the kennel as well.  

During the in kennel program, your dog resides at the kennel receiving intensive training tailored to its individual needs.

Benefits of In-Kennel Dog Training:

  • Intensive Training: In-kennel training offers concentrated, focused attention, which can accelerate the learning process.
  • Consistency: Dogs benefit from consistent training routines and environments, which may be easier to achieve in a dedicated training facility.
  • Socialization: Boarding with other dogs and interacting with trainerand staff can improve a dog’s social skills and behavior.
  • Expert Guidance: Professional trainers have the experience and expertise to address a wide range of behavioral issues effectively.
  • Convenience: For busy pet owners, in-kennel training offers a convenient solution, sparing them the time and effort required for daily training sessions.

Not sure if in kennel training is what you want?

Send Family K9 Dog Training an email to discuss the In Kennel training option as well as the possibility of exploring other training options such as one on one private lessons if that is your preference for you and your dog!