Montreal Dog Training with Distractions!

Vaudreuil Dog Training

Dog training with distractions

Teaching a dog to focus especially under distraction is a cornerstone of good dog training.  If your dog cannot focus and be obedient when distracted it renders your training ineffective.  

“Handling a dog that cannot focus under distraction is like driving a car whose brakes only work under 30KM/H”

Here we have Popeye, a young poodle who is full of life, very sweet and playful.

He hasn’t seen his owners in 3 weeks and has completed his training program. I have been demonstrating his new skills for his owners in order to explain to them what he know and how to get the best out of him.

Among their many requests and issues withPopeye  there was some concern about his behaviour around other dogs. Popeye is a very excitable dog, not unlike many others and they would lose control around others dogs on a walk   

Teaching a Dog  the “On/Off” Focus switch

This is the owner’s first time working with Popeye and as you can see in the clip Popeye did great and so did his humans!    

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