What your dog with fear aggression want you to know

Montreal training dogs with fear aggression

Dogs with fear aggression need specialized training and owners who understand how their dogs mind works 

Training a dog with fear aggression is the best gift you can give both yourself and  your dog.

Not only does it make your life easier but it teaches your dog that he doesn’t have to act out in order to stay safe.

Dogs with fear aggression possess a very high threat perception. What that means is they see threats behind every day normal situations, people, and things. By teaching them that they don’t have to act out in order to stay safe and furthermore, teaching them to follow our lead we put ourselves in control of the situation and put our dogs mind at ease.

How to build your fearful dogs trust in you

It is vital that your dog trusts you. What this means is that you need to be a fair leader and recognize and accept your dogs limitations.

Once you have your dogs, focus and cooperation, it is important to show your dog that you respect his limitations so that he understands that when he’s working for you, he is safe.

What is means is we ultimately end up with a win/win for owner and dog. 

inside mind of dog with fear aggression