Saying goodbye is never easy

Grieving the loss of a pet

It’s a sad reality that our dogs lives are short, and although we are aware of that from the onset, it still hits us like a speeding truck at the end.


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From our first days to the last

I somehow thought we had more time

We managed to create a tapestry of days running one into the next

Patterns, habits and expectations that created a sense of forever

Life with our dogs is so short and eventually we run out of time

And no matter how long we’ve had

It is never enough

Never enough time to sit on the couch and cuddle

To play in the snow

To laugh as you rubbed your back under a tree, under my desk until I yelled (while I was simultaneously laughing), rubbing yourself under the Christmas tree or anything you could reach really

To come home and find you waiting by the door

Our dogs are gifts of pure emotion, of openness, vulnerability and a life lived in the present moment

And when they go they will take a piece of you with them

A piece that is uniquely connected to that special one

It’s silly really to be so attached to a drooling, mess making, time and energy consuming creature

But it’s what we do

And then hopefully

We get to do it all again

To share our heart and home and share our life with a different species we call family

It’s weird coming home without you at the front door

Bookends of time, markers of events in our lives, of years passed and changes we lived together.

Good bye Cowie

You were one of a kind

Our story ended March 16th, 2023