Montreal Rehabilitating dogs with aggression issues

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If you have a dog with aggressive behaviour causing you stress you should definitely check out these videos.

Dogs exhibit aggressive behaviour for a multitude of reasons. The key to working successfully with a dog’s aggressive behaviour issues is to understand their reason for being aggressive as well as being able to direct their energy and focus into a task we ask them to do for us. Once we do this we can them train the dog to work for us and give us it’s focus and lead them through situations that were previously unthinkable. We must also respect their limits and be fair leaders.

Rehabilitating, aggressive dogs

  • Videos 1 & 2

Dog reactive older husky in training with Nick and then transfer lessons with his owner.

  • Videos 3/4/5/6

Owner of dog with dog  and human aggression speaks out about the dog training

Tina and Jack are an excellent example of how easy it can be to bring a dog back from the edge of aggression through training. Jack exhibited dog aggression as well as human aggression prior to training. Tina called Nick for help and enrolled Jack in the In Home Board & Train program. Here they are chatting at

the end of the 2 week training program.

  • Video 7

Dog aggression problem Dollard Des Ormeaux, Qc told to walk dog @ 5 am to solve problem

Winston is an Airedale Terrier in Montreal’s west island whose owners were frustrated with dog aggression. His dog aggressive behaviour was out of control and making life outdoors unpleasant. He’d try to attack other dogs on a walk – not iust bark and pull but reall tr to attack. Thev had taken Winston to obedience school and not achieved any really useful results. The instructor told them it would be best to walk Winston when no other dogs were out – as in 5 am or midnight. No kidding.

  • Video 8

Molly is dog aggressive and it is a problem to walk her…until now

Molly used to react very strongly to other dogs on her walks. You will hear her owner Pam mention it in this video. Even dogs behind a fence would elicit a strong reaction from Molly. Pam knw there had to be a better way to get Molly to focus and calm down and contacted me for help. She enrolled in an in home program that consists of 6 lessons. Here we are in lesson 4 in this video and it our first time working with Molly around other dogs. At this point Molly has the skills needed to control herself and it is more about teaching the human part of the equation how to properly handle the dog.

Teaching dog owners to handle their dogs effectively

Beryl is a standard Poodle and she is just the dog I wanted to use to bug Molly. Beryl is friendly and pushy and I allow her to constantly invade Molly’s space during her lesson. Molly reacts strongly – and Pam hesitates for just a second. Once Pam remembers to keep walking and gives Molly the heel command – things smooth out. The second time we do this Molly’s reaction is much less intense. After that it was smooth sailing and Molly just ignored Beryl for the rest of our lesson despite Beryl being a complete pest (Thanks Beryl!).

Dog aggressive dogs need to learn self control and to trust their handler and their training

This type of training is about much more than teaching a dog the meaning of the words heel or leave it. It is about an emotional state. A sense of well being and calmness. Think of it like yoga for dogs who stress out too easily. Teaching Molly to trust her owner and the training process means that Molly will feel comfortable while working and trust that nothing bad will happen to her in training. As a result she will be calmer, less defensive, less reactive dog. The less she reacts – the less stressfull each subseuquent walk is for her and this new energy just keeps feeding itself.

Learn to read vour dog’s body language

Take a look at Molly’s body language and how relaxed her face and tail are while she is working. Teaching a dog new patterns A dog has a right to exercise it’s options! At times during the lesson Molly, who normally heels on the left even switches over to the right all on her own when passing by Beryl – in orde o avoid coming too close to her. This was all Molly’s idea and one that we otten see in training when the dog understands they dont have to react anymore to the dog/cat/squirrel/person like they used to in their past lite

  • Video 9

Preventing dog bites

Teaching a dog to focus on you and give you it’s undivided focus is a smart premise for any dog. It is that much smarter when you have a very dog aggressive dog. Take a look at Moose in this video – Hershey has no idea who he is trying to get to play with him! Bless his heart – he is such a sweet and happy dog D Nand the onlv reason he is there is to create the correct emotional state for Moose’s training. This is onlv done once the dog in auestion has gone through extensive training and proven itself to be easv to handle – as vou can see here