Board and train test six years after the dog was trained

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Does the Board and Train work?

The dog in this video is an excellent example of several things:

  • First of all, she’s just a wonderful dog everything you could hope for when bringing a young puppy home and imagining your future with your grown-up dog.
  • Second of all her owners contacted me when she was young and we’re serious about having a well trained dog.
  • She was well trained at the time we finished our program.

All of that is well and good however what you’re seeing in this video is six years after I did my work, so what you’re really seeing is how well the owners maintained the training.

Angel was back at the kennel for boarding while her family was away on vacation and while I was spending some time with her, I thought it would be fun to play around a little with her training and see how sharp she was.

Off leash obedience, focus and a huge willingness to work

I was expecting nothing less yet at the same time super pleased to see how they’ve preserved the work we’ve done together and how focused their dog is.

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