High quality dog training for all types of dogs

Dog training is a language.  It is a system of communication, expectations and ultimately allows us to enjoy our dogs to the fullest. Whether that means getting a handle on your puppy’s wild energy, getting an older dog to change some lingering bad habits or even learning how to manage your reactive or aggressive dog.  

Dog training equals a healthy and balanced relationship with your dog

Take a look at these dogs in the video. Each has its own distinct personality.  Over the course of training each dog comes to a nice balance point where they are playful, cooperative and easily manageable. This is what we are after.

A well trained dog is cooperative and focused – not a robot

I make a point of emphasizing this to both the dogs in my training and their owners. We play, hug and act silly with our dogs. We should be doing this.

We enjoy doing this.

So do our dogs.

Dog Training is a win/win for K9 and Human 

You’re likely doing this already – the difference here is that we are showing the dogs that by working for us they will earn all the things they enjoy and the things we enjoy giving them.



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