Reactive dog training Vaudreuil

Training reactive dogs  brings its own unique set of challenges.  Jack is a young male Doberman, who was incredibly dog reactive.

According to his owners, he would start barking, getting wildly out of control and lunging from well over 100 feet away from even a passive dog.

His owners brought him to Family K9 Dog training  for a consultation in order to see what can be done to help  Jack’s anxiety (as well as their’s) while out on walks together.

Training reactive dogs

It was apparent right from our consultation that Jack is a very trainable dog and just needed someone to harness his energy and focus.

Once his board and train program was complete, I taught his owners what they needed to know in order to maintain the training and they’ve been doing great ever since.

The Key to Dog Training: Teaching dog owners how to communicate with their dogs effectively

Here is some video footage of Jack in training, as well as Jack working with his owners for the very first time in our transfer lesson in which I brought out multiple dogs in order for them to practice with.

Dog Training necessities: focus and cooperation

I always place high emphasis on a dog’s ability to focus and his willingness to cooperate.

Take a look at Jack in this video both while he’s working with me (his trainer) as well as with his owner.

His focus as well as his cooperative, joyful nature is unmistakable.

Jack even bounces around a lot while he works, this is wonderful to see if any dog and we should foster our dogs love for working with us and understand what it symbolizes.

It really is the same thing like being a manager of a team of employees, and if they are able to be productive while whistling a tune. Why wouldn’t you want them to work happily?

I guarantee you that productivity will be up, when your employee (in this case the dog) is in amazing spirits and enjoying their work.

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