Teaching your dog to heel and not pull on leash

Teaching dogs to heel goes far beyond the basics of them not pulling us around on leash.

Heeling in its purest form is symmetry, focus and communication.

Anyone can strong arm a dog into walking by their side if they are strong enough however, this is not a true heel. 

Training dogs to have a focused heel and pay attention to their owners

In this video, we have two very different young dogs:

We’ve got Luca who is a young Italian water dog and a very bouncy one at that.

He is capable of great focus as you can see, and I’m even able to enjoy a cup of coffee while walking him in training, and then the other hand, I’m actually holding a selfie stick with a camera attached which is the camera that is following us around while we walk.

Dog number two is also a young dog, a black German shepherd named midnight.

Midnight came in as a very wild, untrained dog, and she was huge Lee dog reactive.

I purposely set up the video so that we would have a dog right near us, barking at her the entire time to demonstrate how cooperative and focused, even a very reactive dog can be after only two weeks of training. 

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